Corrosion Protection

From anodes to coatings, we ensure that the harshest marine environments won’t stand a chance against your vessels.

Sacrificial Anodes – Your First Line of Defense

Our comprehensive corrosion protection solutions are designed to extend the lifespan and value of your marine assets, keeping them operational and safe. Our anodes are pressure diecasted and manufactured to strict quality standards. In addition, each alloy is manufactured to the latest US Military Specification and is chemically tested regularly in our in-house labs to ensure consistency.


Anodes corrode preferentially, protecting the more critical components

Longevity & Cost-Effectiveness

Regular replacement of anodes is a cost-effective maintenance strategy


Anodes are versatile and can be used across a range of marine assets


Anode corrosion byproducts are more eco-friendly than corrosion damage itself

Martyr Anodes: Your Trusted Partner in Marine Cathodic Protection

With a rich history in marine corrosion protection, Martyr Anodes is a trusted product brand within the CMP Group.

We offer advanced solutions backed by decades of experience and a relentless commitment to product excellence.

Uncompromising Quality

Our specialized alloy anodes are manufactured to exacting US Mil-Spec standards, using only high-purity metals for superior corrosion protection. Martyr provides all three essential alloys (zinc, aluminum, magnesium) to safeguard your vessel in saltwater, brackish, and freshwater environments. Each anode is meticulously pressure die-cast, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Anode Kit Protection

We understand the importance of convenience. That’s why we offer pre-packaged anode kits designed for user-friendly installation. Protect your boat’s critical components – hull plate, rudders, bilge keels, propellers, shafts, shaft brackets, stern tubes, engines, and more – with optimal, long-lasting protection.

Protect your investment. Partner with CMP Group, the leaders in marine corrosion protection backed by over 50 years of industry expertise. Our commitment to quality ensures your assets stay operational and safe.

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