What is Rotomolding?

Rotomolding is a manufacturing process also known as Rotational Molding. Polyethylene Pellets or Liquid PVC is filled into a hollow mold and rotated under heat around two axis causing the material to adhere to the wall producing an article with a uniform wall thickness.

The controlled process is a cost-effective method of manufacturing durable container-like products which are environmentally friendly and used in a variety of industries including marine, automotive, recreational, and more.

CMP is proud to offer rotomolded products manufactured with the newest state-of-the-art equipment situated at the CMP Vaughan ON manufacturing facility. The fully automated line provides a temperature-controlled process with rapid cooling and large-capacity mold capability.

Machine Standard Features:

  • Carousel Style Rotational Machine
  • Three independent straight arms with 1800 kgs. (39709 lbs.) load capacity in each arm
  • 6 Work Stations:
    • A – Load/Demold #1
    • B – Load/Demold #2 (for future 4th arm)
    • C – Waiting
    • D – Oven
    • E – Pre-Cooling
    • F – Cooling Chamber
  • Full 3100mm (122 inches) Over Spherical Swing
  • Digital Variable Frequency AC servo motors for precise control of each major and minor axis
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