Manufacturing: Engineering, Testing and Assembly

With CMP Group Ltd., you will experience a seamless and integrated approach to manufacturing, testing, assembly, and finishing for your products.

CMP Group offers comprehensive manufacturing services to bring your product from concept to reality. Our design expertise ensures that your product is manufacturing-friendly, reducing costs and enhancing the overall process robustness.

Using tools like SolidWorks, MasterCam, and AutoCAD, we can collaborate with you from the initial stages of product development to manufacturing, coatings, assembly and custom packing, providing a complete solution.

The marine industry demands precision, reliability, and innovation, and our extensive experience positions us as leaders in providing solutions that meet and exceed these expectations.

Benefit from our skilled team’s expertise across the entire spectrum, spanning design, engineering, precision testing, assembly, and finishing.

Design and Engineering

Collaborate with us from concept to design using SolidWorks, MasterCam, and AutoCAD. Early involvement leads to cost savings, robust processes, and high-quality parts.

Precision Testing

CMP Group prioritizes high-quality products through rigorous alloy testing using standard and specialized equipment, including building custom equipment to ensure precision and adherence to exacting standards.

Ready-Made Solutions

Beyond metal manufacturing, CMP offers complete products ready for installation or retail. We understand the need to reduce costs and streamline processes, providing a holistic solution.

Assembly & Packaging

CMP Group provides assembly and testing services in-house, accommodating special packaging requirements, including barcoded bulk packs and clamshell packs.

Coating Services

We collaborate closely with qualified coating suppliers to offer additional coating services required for corrosion resistance or cosmetic reasons, taking full responsibility for product quality.

Finishing Services

We offer in-house, cost-effective finishing services, covering simple holes, threads, and enhanced surface finishes without the need for expensive CNC machining or polishing.

Our refined proficiency, cultivated over years of successfully navigating the intricate landscape of the marine sector and delivering marine products of exceptional quality and reliability.

With a global presence and extensive manufacturing capabilities, CMP Group Ltd. stands ready to be your trusted partner, providing tailored manufacturing solutions.

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